mResource makes mobile recruitment a reality with our award winning Mobile Talent 2.0 Platform. Our Mobile Web capability takes your employer branding, career site and job ads to any candidate with a mobile device. Recruiters have access to text based tools which can manage a scripted dialog with a mobile user, capturing the required data for employment preferences, job applications, pre-screening and to build applicant profiles and opt-in mobile communities.

Think speed and response rates from text supported by CRM capability – we can export or feed the data direct to your ATS or give you portal access to a mobile talent pool for immediate text based interview scheduling.

These two powerful technologies are linked together by our Mobile Talent 2.0 Platform to allow you to connect and interact with your audience anytime and anywhere, then report on the results.

mResource CRM is designed for Corporate Recruiters and HR professionals to enhance candidates and employees experience through the best use of text tools and mobile web.

Looking to build a playbook for mobile that fits your organizational need?

You decide the goals of the program and we will advise you on your options, what level of mobilization is required and we give you the tools and support necessary to deliver.


Open Requisition

Work with mResource to create your pre-screen questions and the SMS text scripting.


Use the keyword and short code as the call-to-action in all advertising (e.g. Text MYJOB to 90206).

A simple tweet or facebook post could instantly build your talent pool for fractions of the cost of job board postings.


Audience engages by responding to your SMS text request.

Geographic and demographic information is immediately captured.


This launches the candidate into an automated text message dialogue using logic-based questions. If qualified, the candidate continues through the screening. If not, the screening will end with a professional closing.

Schedule Interview

The technology can be integrated into your Outlook or interview scheduling system. Qualified candidates will be asked to select an interview time during the SMS Text Prescreen.

WAP Site

The candidate can then visit your WAP Site to learn more about your employment brand and benefits.


Real-time data is captured on a reporting dashboard. Information can be exported and shared in a variety of formats. Give hiring manager access to his/her reqs in the pipeline to monitor the status.


The technology can be integrated into your applicant tracking system (such as Taleo) along with virtually any system.